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The community of Heber had its origins with the construction of the Imperial Valley branch of the Southern Pacific Railroad during the early 1900’s. The Imperial Land Company, working under the direction of the California Development Company, elected to honor company President A.H. Heber by naming the community after him in 1903. The anticipated construction of the San Diego Yuma railroad, which was expected to pass through Heber, spurred local development for the next five years.

Heber’s continued existence, as well as the existence of most of Imperial County’s other communities has been based on the importance of agriculture and its reliance on irrigation.

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The Townsite of Heber is a small community uniquely situated between the two most populated cities within Imperial County, El Centro and Calexico. Heber is an unincorporated community within Imperial County and partially serviced by the County of Imperial and other public agencies, including a school district and public utility districts.

This Service Area Plan discusses the services currently provided by the Heber Public Utility District, estimates the current and future demand for such facilities and services, and describes how necessary facilities and services will be or may be developed or improved on to meet population demands. Additionally, the Service Area Plan discusses services purveyed by Imperial County and their adequacy based on demand. The intent of the Service Area Plan is to demonstrate the District’s ability to provide adequate services within the sphere of influence boundaries in the event of new development with the District Boundaries or new annexation into the District Boundaries. An approximate 20-year planning period is used to forecast growth and the estimated facility and service demands are based on population projections in five-year increments until 2030.

Heber 2012 Service Area Plan | Appendix A | Appendix B | Resolution 2012-5
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