Water Treatment & Distribution

The Heber Public Utility water system supplies water for domestic purposes to approximate 3,508 consumers through a total of about 1,509 water service connections.  The 2 million gallon per day (MGD) water treatment system operates 24 hours daily based on system demand. 

Heber receives raw water from the Imperial Irrigation District (IID), from the Central Main Canal through the Dogwood Canal to Gate 37A.  The raw water is allowed to settle in 3 lined settling basins with a combined capacity of 5.8 million gallons.  Water is pumped from the third settling basin and polyferric sulfate, a coagulant and Polymer, a coagulant aid is added and is mixed via static mixer.  The water then flows through one of two U.S. Filter Co. Micro Floc Water Treatment System units. 

The filtered water exits the treatment plant and is chlorinated prior to being pumped to three clearwell reservoirs that together store 5.5 million gallons.  Water from the reservoirs is pressurized to 48 psi to feed the one pressure zone distribution system.