Wastewater Collection & Treatment

The Heber Public Utility Wastewater Treatment Plant is a modified activated sludge plant which uses microorganisms to stabilize and treat the incoming wastewater. 

The treatment system consist of a headworks consisting of two in-channel comminutors and one ultra sonic flow meter; influent pump station consisting of four non-clog centrifugal pumps; two oxidation ditches with a design capacity of .405 million gallons per day (MGD) each; flow splitter boxes after each oxidation ditch, which splits flow between two sets of clarifiers; two pump stations, which direct sludge back to the oxidation ditches and by opening and closing valves can direct sludge to drying beds; and a chlorine contact basin consisting of a chlorine disinfection and dechlorination system. 

The final wastewater effluent is then discharged to the Central Drain 3-D No.1 an Imperial Valley Drain, water of the United States, and tributary to the Alamo River within the Salton Sea Watershed.